5 Makeup Products To Look Younger Today

If you had all the money in the world, we’d probably be recommending plastic surgery.  But Botox is an expensive option for taking a few years off your daily look.  Try these five makeup products for an instant youthful look.

Liquid Concealer – A good concealer can hide wrinkles and dark eyes, a great concealer can make you look 10 years younger!  The trick is knowing how to do it.

Lengthening Mascara – Longer looking lashes help to accentuate your eyes and make your entire face appear smaller.  Water proof mascaras are best if you want to get a boost on length.

Contour / Highlighter – Highlighter and contour can accentuate your cheek bones to give you a more defined look.  A pressed powder is a good place to start for people who are new to contouring.

Brown Eyeliner – Brown is the new black when it comes to eye liner.  It still draws attention to the eyes without the boldness of high school prom.  Choosing the brown that works best with your eye color is the most important.

Nude Lipstick – The final touch to any look is a lip color.  Nude is extremely popular right now and is always a classy look.  Look for something that is long lasting or is labeled as a stain.

If you DO have all the money in the world, check out plastic surgeries that are totally worth it.