Advantages of Bottled Water

an arm reaching for a bottle of water

The bottled water market can be confusing. There are so many options available and experts have long debated the pros & cons of bottled water. Below find some of the key advantages of bottled water.


The easiest way to eliminate unhealthy calories is to swap out that sugary drink for bottled water. If you need to stay hydrated on the go, bottled water is a great option. Your body will thank you later in life!


If you carefully read the label and do research, you know what you’re going to get with bottled water. Sometimes municipal water systems are plagued by problems. If there is any question the local water supply is unsafe to drink, bottled water is the way to go.


There are many bottled water options in the market. Some can even add a little taste to your water while still keeping things healthy. Artesian, mineral, reverse-osmosis, spring, pH balanced? These are all options you can try. Does your palette prefer a hint of pineapple? That’s available too! And remember, whatever you choose will be healthier than a soft drink.

Emergency Situations

It is always helpful to have a supply of bottled water on hand in case of an emergency. Keeping a few cases in the garage may be the difference in a survival situation due to a natural disaster. If the local water supply becomes contaminated, bottled water is a great hydration option until the situation is resolved.