Providing a Lifetime of Benefits: Early Childhood Education

When we are really young, we are like sponges who take in every lesson and experience. During early childhood years is when we can have the greatest impact on a person. Early childhood education plays...

Federal Pell Grant Program: Higher Education for Less

It’s no secret that college is flat-out expensive. The cost of higher education has risen dramatically year over year, to a point where many families feel priced out of sending their kids. This is...
Career and Technical Education

Career and Technical Education: Is it Right for You?

Discussion of the rising costs of college are usually met with the implication that college “isn’t worth it.” However, there are numerous pathways to career training that are worth considering, even if one doesn’t...
Technology in Education

Technology in Education: Learning with Tech

Technological advancement has made sharing knowledge easier than ever before. Where once classrooms were dependent upon static, unchanging textbooks that could be rendered out-of-date quickly, students can now access information that is immediate and...