Hottest Kitchen Appliance Trends in 2020

Kitchen Appliance

The year 2020 has definitely been one for the books. It brought families together during quarantine and even turned people into their own handyman. Despite having to be cooped up in the house, people found themselves catching and creating new trends.

Some of the trends included pranking parents, learning a popular Tik-Tok dance, and of course, remodeling your home and kitchen. Were you one of the many who caught on to a trend this year? If not, you’re about to!

Happy Home-Happy Life

Ever heard of the saying, “A happy wife makes for a happy life?” Well, that goes for your kitchen as well. The trend for remodeling your kitchen not only includes new tiles and paint, but it also includes updated appliances with high tech features.

The kitchen appliance that took the world by storm was the merging of the voice-powered Alexa. Alexa can now be apart of your refrigerator and you can even go as far as asking the fridge what food is missing.

Aside from Alexa, there are also touch screen and Bluetooth appliances that everyone is totally in love with. The appliances will give you the ability to get things started by not even taking a step into the kitchen.

Yea, that’s pretty cool.

Purposeful Paint

Let’s not forget that a new coat of paint can revive just about anything. Not sure the reason behind it, but people have completely fallen in love with the color white.

White paint has been flying off the shelves and it has recently been discovered that white is the new black and is the must for any modern kitchen in 2020.

If you’re up for the trend, you can even match your new white walls with the new line of white kitchen appliances by Whirlpool. Their new line, also known as the Ice Collection, comes with all of the top of the line appliances that 2020 and 2021 have ever seen.

The Wi-Fi Way

Kitchen appliances with Wi-Fi are also on the up and up for 2020 trends. Before you wash your hands of it and think it’s too much, it’ll literally save time in your day for yourself.

It was bound to happen though, like seriously!

Having Wi-Fi kitchen appliances will give you the opportunity to change the temperature in the fridge, turn on or off the lights in the kitchen, and even adjust the timer on your microwave and oven, all from your smartphone.

If this is what 2020 looks like with kitchen appliances, the trends for 2025 might be out of this world – we can’t wait!