Going on a Holiday Road Trip? These Phone Apps are a Must Have!


Millions of people hit the road for Thanksgiving and Christmas. If you are planning a road trip, these phone apps can help save time and money.


This app is built specifically for travelers. It’s packed with features that allow you to find places to eat, scenic points, national parks, and hotels. You can share your trip with friends and they can add suggestions to your trip. Roadtripper is free to use for most features but has a paid version for $29.99 per year that will allow you to add offline maps, show live traffic along your route and more.

One of the best features is the number of travel guides the app has built-in which include extensive information about places you may want to stop along the way and even video tours.


Waze lets the community decide which routes are best to take. The app is updated by users that can report collisions and traffic jams so you can avoid them. The app also has a feature where the community updates gas prices – so you’ll be able to find the cheapest gas along your route.


GasBuddy is another community-driven app that helps you locate the cheapest gas based on your location. If you subscribe to GasBuddy Pay, you’ll receive 10 cents off per gallon for your first fill-up and 5 cents off for every future fill up. You can combine the savings with any other gas discounts you have as long as they don’t require you pay with another payment type.

GasBuddy Pay is free to subscribe but requires you to enter or upload your driver’s license and link your bank account. They’ll send you a GasBuddy card which you can use just like you do any debit or credit card and deduct the money from your bank account (after your savings of course!).

Hotel Tonight

Find last-minute hotel deals along your route and save. We’ve all been there. You’ve been driving a long time and get to a point you need a break – sometimes unexpectedly. Maybe you’ve encountered a highway closing or just need a break to start fresh. Hotel Tonight is designed just for that and also offers savings for hotels planned in advance.