Phone Tips Only Millennials Would Know

Learning how to navigate a new cellphone is definitely not for the weak. From the new features, constant updating, and even voice-powered text messages, it can be more of a hassle than an upgrade.

Thankfully, there are tips in the world to help even the worst cellphone owner. Want to know cool tips for the phone you have now? You’re in the right place!

Passcode protected

Let’s face it, not having a passcode to your phone is like asking someone to steal it from you. Thankfully, adding a passcode isn’t hard whatsoever, depending on the length of the code, it can take less than 20 seconds.

No matter if you’re team Android or team iPhone, whenever you want to add a passcode, all you have to do is go to your settings and add a four- to six-digit pin. If you’re feeling fancy, use a drawing pattern as your passcode, it will look cool and you’ll probably remember it faster.

Passcodes aren’t only important for accessing your phone, they’re also important for accessing your account with your wireless provider. To get the best protection, ask your provider for additional security, and request that any changes ever made on your account be password protected.

Check your security settings

Smartphones are called smart for a reason. They’re able to track your location through some of your apps, but not everyone is aware of that odd feature.

Checking the settings on your phone can easily help you get out of unknowingly sharing your location. Once you’re able to limit location access in your settings, you’ll also be able to limit their access to your pictures, contacts, notes, and much more.

Important software

Anti-virus and anti-spyware software are both typically found on computers, but with times constantly changing, they’re becoming more and more recommended for smartphones. The features would be able to protect your phone from any potential hackings and can sometimes help store more information in the iCloud.

iClouds are there to help with iPhone users’ personal information, but sadly, they can get hacked too sometimes. Before you go out and spend thousands of dollars trying to protect your cellphone, there are some free and affordable options in your app store or Playstore.

It is important that you first check with your cell phone provider because there may already be a built-in software on your phone. Adding more software can potentially destroy any chance of protecting your phone and that just wouldn’t be a good idea. Or worse – you’ll download a software you think is legitimate, and will actually be a virus itself!