Several Passengers Injured After Extreme Wind Hits Cruise Ship

Many passengers aboard a Norwegian cruise ship sustained injuries when a gust of wind caused the ship to tilt. The Norwegian Escape was heading out of New York City towards its first stop of a seven-night cruise to the Bahamas when the wind suddenly struck.


The cruise company tweeted that around midnight on Sunday, the cruise ship was hit with a “sudden, extreme gust of wind, estimated at 100 knots, which resulted in the ship heeling to the port side.” There was no warning of the extreme wind, which came out of nowhere.

The Escape can cruise with up to 6,000 people on board. Winds that hit the ship were measured at 115 miles per hour, which is the equivalent of a Category 3 hurricane.

Injuries suffered on the ship

Several passengers and members of the crew were injured during the wind gusts. Medical staff was on board to provide immediate attention. Details about the injuries have not yet been released.

Furniture and debris go sliding

The scene turned from curious to scary when passengers saw tables, chairs, glasses and other debris sliding across the floor. Footage filmed by vacationers shows the chaos unfolding, accompanied by frightened screams and cries for help.

In other footage, passengers and crews can be seen directing everyone to midship. Some are seen struggling to crawl on the floor, while others are hanging on to whatever they can for dear life.

Norwegian Escape gets ready for its next trip

Despite the dramatic tilt and subsequent scare, the cruise ship did not suffer any significant damage and arrived safely at its scheduled Port Canaveral stop. Ambulances were on the scene to transport individuals who needed further medical treatment. The Escape departed as planned on its next voyage Tuesday night, heading to the Bahamas.

The vessel, built in 2015 and weighing roughly 160,000 tons, rides on after quite the scare.