Shopping the Right Black Friday Deals

Black Friday

If you’re looking to catch the best deals on Black Friday, your biggest enemy is time. When the doors open to the biggest retailers, you’re racing against crowds to find the items you’re looking for to get the best deals on them. If you’re not prepared with a plan of attack, odds are good that you could miss out on the deals you’re trying to score.

When it comes to shopping Black Friday deals, your biggest priority should be plotting a course. Make sure you know what you want, where it is, and what the sale price is. The less time you spend scrambling looking for your item, the more time you’ve got to score more solid deals.

Make a Plan

First, check through the deals that appeal to you. If you’re a gamer, stake out the best deals on consoles and video games. If you like fashion, keep your eyes peeled for deals on the top fashions. TVs, electronics, board games, toys, you name it: whatever you’re trying to run down to put under the tree (or in your own house), you should know the best deals.

When you have the deals picked out that you know you want to get to, make sure you’ve got a plan of priority. If the deals are spread along various stores, make sure you know where each store is in relation to the others so you can plan a route. Avoiding the highest traffic is important, as is taking a path that doesn’t involve doubling back.

The less time you spend driving, the more time you can spend snagging the deals you want.


Generally speaking, you should have a priority list as far as what needs your most immediate attention. The crazier a deal is, the more likely it is to sell out rapidly. This means you should prioritize that deal first, and scoop it up as soon as you can. The longer you wait, the more likely it is that the deal completely sells out before you get a chance to grab it.

On a related note, make sure you’re planning for the cargo space in whatever vehicle you’re in. If you’re looking to load up on some giant toys, a big-screen TV, and massive stuffed animals, you might find your car unable to accommodate everything.

This is why planning is so important! If you’ve got a huge haul you’re eyeing, make sure you bring an SUV or truck that can fit everything you want to buy.

Most of all, be careful! People get hurt every year in accidents on Black Friday. So, be kind, be courteous, and be careful in the stores.