Stopping Burglars From Breaking Into Your Hotel Room

When you’re away on business or a vacation, feeling secure in an unfamiliar place can bring peace of mind.

Your home is your sanctuary, and you likely have taken steps to secure it. You have made sure you have a properly installed deadbolt and an alarm system.


But when you’re traveling, your safety is in the hands of others. Hotels, motels, and Airbnbs want you to be protected, but their number one priority is making money.

Ask yourself

Is it possible your hotel has cut corners when budgeting for security? Could they have chosen cheap door locks to save money? Have the hotel staff been trained to spot suspicious activity on the property?

Most hotels might not skimp when it comes to the safety of their guests. Any hotel brand with a shred of integrity knows how important it is to prevent theft and other crime. Nonetheless, you are placing a lot of trust into a company, and it may be smart to double up on the securities they have set up.

Lock valuables in your hotel safe

If you have a safe available in your hotel room, always lock valuables away when leaving. All hotel employees typically have access to every hotel room on the property, so it’s best not to leave it up to chance.

Unfortunately, some hotel staff also have access to your safe as well. Guests frequently forget the keycode, so it’s practical to have a backup, but ultimately it means hotel safes are vulnerable. Use a tamper-evident secondary lock on the safe for further protection.

The Milockie Hotel Safe Lock is a great choice for additional protection.

Use a secondary lock on your door

In addition to adding another lock to your safe, it’s not a bad idea to secure your hotel room’s door with a secondary lock. Pack a door jammer to set up at the base of the door from the inside.

Also, you can set up a small, lightweight portable travel lock to supplement the door’s built-in lock.