What to Do During a Hurricane

Hurricanes are scary.

They hit with extreme force and carry the fury of nature on their winds. Rainfall, storm swell, catastrophic windspeeds and flooding all come together to create a deadly vortex. If you find yourself caught off-guard in the event of a hurricane, don’t panic. You need to take action to preserve your life right away. Here’s what to do during a hurricane.

What to do During a Hurricane


Be Prepared

Before a storm hits, make sure you have plenty of gas in your tank and you know what your evacuation route is. This information will be critical should the storm merit evacuation. Make sure the tree limbs and shrubs around your home are well-trimmed and there is no debris in your yard that could be carried on the wind or in a flood.

Make sure you board up your windows. Using marine plywood cut to fit your windows is one option. Permanent storm shutters are preferred, though plywood works fine. Make sure you clear your gutters and make sure they aren’t loose.

Secure your Home

If you have some forewarning, make sure you secure your home. Bring outdoor furniture in, close storm shutters and lock all the doors and windows. If you have time, move fragile things higher up in case of flooding. Consider moving furniture to the center of rooms. If you don’t have time, or are ordered to evacuate, just leave. You can replace possessions.


Gather supplies together in a plastic tub or some similarly easy-to-grab container. Make sure you’ve got clean bottled water, food that doesn’t need to be cooked, medications anyone in your home may need and a battery-powered radio. Battery-powered flashlights and batteries should also be with these supplies. Make sure you also have changes of clothes for everyone, in case they get soaked.

A first aid kit, a few hundred dollars in cash and important documents should also be stored in this container. Make sure to remember to get this container and put it in your vehicle prior to evacuation.