Top Decor for the Modern Home

Looking to spruce up your home during the upcoming transition from summer to fall? After the crazy spring and summer we’ve all had, many folks are looking to shake things up – especially those who have found themselves working from home unexpectedly.

If you are spending more time at home than usual, it’s a good idea to take stock of the energy you feel while you’re there. Do you truly feel comfortable in your space? What can you let go of, and what can you add that will help you feel better during these strange times?

To all the folks who need a little inspiration for trendy and modern home decor: We’ve got you covered.

Square Wall Shelves

Square wall shelves’ beauty is twofold: They make for great storage, but they also showcase your kitchenware (or other home knick-knacks) in an artistic and unique way.

Think of square wall shelves like a modern China Cabinet. Instead of hauling a big, bulky, old-fashioned cabinet into your space, utilize empty areas of the wall and showcase your beautiful wares in a more quirky, fun, and modern way.

Floating Wall Shelves

Many square wall shelves will also be “floating,” which simply means that they’re nailed to the wall instead of sitting in a bigger structure.

Floating wall shelves are fun and multifunctional. For instance, you could install a floating wall shelf on which you can place bowls and plates, then hang a rod beneath it with hooks to hang spoons, measuring cups, and more.

Unique Floor Vases

Unique floor vases will add a certain level of style and sophistication to any space. A floor vase has the power to command a room whether it’s placed in the center or the corner.

A tasteful floor vase should complement the room’s overall ambience. However, it also needs to bring its own touch of something special – whether that’s design-wise, function-wise, or otherwise.

For example, are you lucky enough to own a tall vase that’s an old family heirloom? Place it in your living room or hallway to add a touch of history, character, and charm to your space.

Modern Wall Tapestry

Tapestries have been growing in popularity lately, and not just in college dorm rooms. Tapestries are actually an easy and underrated way to decorate your walls. With a tapestry, you don’t have to spend too much money or commit to one design longterm.

Instead of painting or using wallpaper, a simple cotton tapestry hung with nails across your wall will look cozy and chic.