Which Cell Phone Plan is Right for You?

The newest trend across cell phone plans, as you might expect, comes in the form of 5G coverage. The newest protocol for connectivity and speeds, 5G refers to a generational shift away from LTE and towards faster, more consistent wireless data transfer.

That being said, not everyone is in an area that is covered by this new protocol, as it’s mainly restricted to large cities right now. So, which company has the best plans you can get right now? Let’s take a look at some of the major carriers and the most cost-effective plans they offer.


T-Mobile’s family plan is one of the best deals out there for a phone plan. It includes four lines of data for $160 monthly. This includes 5G coverage, making it a very attractive option for families. Notable features include Netflix, 3GB of LTE hotspot from phones on the plan, and unlimited data.

If you’ve got a family that rips through data at a fast pace, then this is a plan worth considering. Notably, there is no HD video streaming on this plan: videos are capped at 480p, which is the one blemish on this plan. However, for most users, this is hard to notice on a small phone screen.


Verizon’s 5GB plan is their best option for a single line. Most individual users don’t need unlimited data plans, especially if they work from home or spend most of their time connected to wi-fi. If that sounds like you, Verizon’s $55 per month 5GB plan might be the best option for you. If you don’t find yourself commonly streaming video over data, then 5GB is a huge amount of data.

You can enable a safety mode that actively prevents you from going over on the data, too, which is a nice touch. Notably, this plan doesn’t allow you to use a 5G network. However, if you’re already not using your data often, this won’t likely become an issue for you.


AT&T has an unlimited pre-paid plan that is very wallet-conscious. Normally, this plan is $75 per month, paid in advance. However, with a $25 auto-pay discount, it becomes $50, which is a great deal for unlimited 5G data. If you’re a power user who is often taking down tons of streaming video on your phone, this plan is perfect for you.

Moreover, this plan gives you the option to stream HD video and gives you ten gigabytes of mobile hot spot data. That’s a hard deal to beat!