Why Are Class Action Lawsuit Commercials Everywhere?

If you’ve ever watched any daytime TV, you’ve probably seen countless ads for class action lawsuits. Talcum powder lawsuit lawyers were all over the airwaves for a spell. You can’t go three or four commercials without a Boy Scout Fund lawyer telling you that you could be eligible for money. And, the classic, long-running favorite: nursing home abuse lawyers telling you all about how your parents or relatives could be abused by their caretakers.

What is up with all of these ads, and why are they so prevalent during daytime TV slots? Let’s take a closer look into class action suits and the big business of suing large companies.

The American Way

The United States is a bit of a weird place. Lawyers are able to advertise on the radio, on TV, and in print media, which is uncommon in much of the developed world.

This has led to a booming business for law firms that chase down sizable, easy-to-win cases where a company has wronged a large class of people. This is where class action lawsuits come into play.

A class action lawsuit is a suit that includes a large class of people all suing a company over damages they’ve all incurred. These suits typically pay out in smaller individual amounts to the members of the class, but they’re very consistent for law firms.

They result in payouts that can be a dependable income for lawyers. That’s why you see so many nursing home negligence lawsuit commercials on TV.

Why Daytime TV?

That does beg the question, then: why are so many of these commercials aired during daytime TV slots? There are a number of demographic reasons in play. This is not to say that you won’t see a lung cancer lawyer advertising during primetime, but it’s not the norm.

Part of what’s happening here is that people who are unemployed or work late shifts tend to be more likely to participate in a class action suit. After all, they’re a bit pressed for money, so it tracks that they’d look for an opportunity to make some cash if they’ve been wronged by a large company.

Moreover, advertising during the daytime tends to be more affordable. For a smaller law firm, this can be much more appealing than taking out expensive ad time around 7:00 in the evening.

In short, this is a uniquely American phenomenon that you’ll catch between soap operas and daytime talk shows.